Manifesto of Freedom Needed

WASHINGTON, DC – “These trying times demand that traditionalist Americans develop, defend and promote a manifesto of freedom,” John M. Snyder stated here today.

Snyder said, “The basic tenets underpinning our culture are under assault. Some seem confused and defeatist by the assault. The crisis requires a counterattack on perpetrators of the assault. The counterattack demands resolution, a reaffirmation of commitment to traditionalist values of freedom, and a determination to fight and defeat the enemies of freedom.

“Let us fight for the right to life, the right to keep and bear arms, and the right to be free from the abomination of same-sex marriage.”

Snyder said, “President Obama’s attempt to circumvent Congress in trampling on our rights and values by executive action is vile. We must resist Washington assaults on our freedom.”

Snyder said further, “Attempts by officials to promote gun control, mandatory abortion payments and same-sex marriage undermine the legitimacy of government itself. Let us fight to preserve traditional values.”

Snyder continued, “The United States must reverse its moral drift. With the help of Almighty God, let us take back America.

“Opponents of traditional values promote the murder of the innocent in abortion. They want the general acceptance of same-sex marriage. They work against the right to self-defense, the ability to protect life itself, through gun control.”

Snyder declared, “We of the Judaeo-Christian heritage who adhere to traditional moral and political values must unite in defense of those values.

“As American Christians, we affirm the right to practice our religion and the right to keep and bear arms. We believe abortion is murder and same-sex marriage is an abomination. We oppose gun control because it infringes our right to self-defense.

“We support the right to life, traditional marriage, and the Second Amendment,” Snyder affirmed. Let us renew our faith in God and fight for truth and justice.”

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