Punish Anti-Gun Officials a la Colorado

“Anti-gun officials throughout the United States should be punished a la Colorado,” John M. Snyder said here today.

 “The recent recall elections in Colorado show that anti-gun officials can be punished,” he added, “and they should be.”

 Snyder said, “Officials who support legislation that will curtail or eliminate the individual Second Amendment civil right of law-abiding American citizens to keep and bear arms ought to face severe punishment.

 “Such officials in effect work to undermine the right of decent people to get and use firearms to protect their own lives and the lives of others from thugs and criminals.”

 In the Colorado elections on September 10, voters dismissed two members of the Colorado State Senate, including the Senate President, because they had voted in the legislature for gun control. 

 NBC News stated that, “Senate President John Morse and Sen. Angela Giron were both defeated, the Denver Post reported, in the recall effort, which served as a referendum on their support in passing legislation requiring universal background checks on private gun sales and restricting large-capacity ammunition magazines.”

 Voters replaced Morse with Bernie Herpin and Giron with George Rivera.  Herpin and Rivera are gun rights supporters, according to reports.

 “The recall election result in Colorado is good news for Second Amendment supporters throughout the United States,” said Snyder.  “Let this good news serve as a clarion call for the punishment of gun control advocates throughout the country.  Let opponents of the right of self-defense and of the right to use force in self-defense realize that sooner or later they will face retribution from voters.”

 Snyder has been named the gun dean by Human Events, the dean of Washington gun lobbyists by the Washington Post and New York Times, a champion of the right of self defense by the Washington Times and the senior rights activist in Washington by Shotgun News.

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