Obama Can Sink on Gun, Money and Religion Issues

WASHINGTON, D.C. – “Obama can lose his reelection bid if opponents target effectively his policies on religion, the economy and the right to keep and bear arms,” gun rights expert John M. Snyder said here today.

Snyder said that, “If sufficient numbers of people for whom these issues are crucial register to vote and vote against Obama in November, he will be defeated.

“The Obama record is abysmal.  Take the economy, for instance.  Despite candidate Obama’s 2008 campaign pledges, his presidency has presided over 40 consecutive months of over eight percent (8%) unemployment.  His administration’s policies of bureaucratic regulation and taxation have so encumbered the business community that it has been unable to develop the job-creating programs the United States so desperately needs.”

Snyder charged that, “On issues of conscience and freedom of religion, Obama has placed his government clearly on the bad side.  His administration has become notorious for action against the rights of conscience.  His mandate that institutions pay to insure employees for abortions and other activities inimical to the conscientious objections of the institutions has raised uproar in Catholic and other religious circles.  In fact, there is a real possibility that this Obama action alone will cause a reaction of massive civil disobedience.

“Also likely to cause massive civil disobedience is the Obama administration’s posture on the individual Second Amendment civil right to keep and bear arms.  The Second Amendment community is incensed with Obama in this regard.  Right now, the public is most aware of the House of Representatives vote to hold Obama’s attorney general in contempt of Congress.  This came after Obama invoked executive privilege in an attempt to protect the attorney general as he refused to release documents relating to the administration’s Fast and Furious gun scandal.”

Snyder noted that, “This is not the only reason the Second Amendment community is ready to throw Obama and company to the dogs.  The attorney general has indicated the Obama administration wants to reinstitute the failed ban on semiautomatic firearms.  Obama’s Supreme Court nominees have shown they do not endorse the citizen’s individual right to acquire guns for personal self-defense.

“Obama favors a proposed United Nations arms trade treaty that could undermine the American right to keep and bear arms.   ATT supporters could demand that American gun owners comply with anti-gun regulations set by an anti-gun international gun control body.  America’s 80-100 million law-abiding gun owners generally are angered deeply by Obama on the gun issue.  Americans now are buying over 10 million firearms a year.”

Snyder said, “It could hardly be clearer.  If citizens exercise their franchise in sufficient numbers, Obama will be deep-sixed for his policies on the economy, on the rights of conscience and freedom of religion, and on the right to keep and bear arms.”


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