Obama Puts Himself at Center of Federal Gun Scandal

WASHINGTON, D.C. – “There’s no doubt about it now,” says gun rights expert John M. Snyder.  “Obama has put himself right in the middle of the Fast and Furious scandal.  His invocation of executive privilege places him at the center of the situation as he seeks reelection in November.”

Snyder said yesterday that, “Obama’s move could be a crucial factor in November.  The Fast and Furious scandal has upset the entire Second Amendment community.  It also has upset citizens who are sick and tired of government incompetence, chicanery, and deception. 

“Obama’s action in trying to protect Attorney General Holder from a congressional contempt citation really is an outrage.  It causes people to wonder what Holder and Obama are trying to cover up and who they’re trying to protect.”

“The whole Fast and Furious matter stinks to high heaven,” said Snyder.  “In that operation, Federal officials got American firearm dealers to sell guns to straw purchasers who transferred them to Mexican drug cartels, allowing thousands of guns to ‘walk’ across the border.  Gangsters used the guns in victimizing many Mexicans and Americans.  This included the murder of at least one Federal law enforcement officer.

“Congressional investigators for some time now have been trying to get to the bottom of the story.  They want documents from the Justice Department and its Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.  Holder’s been stonewalling Congress and now a contempt citation against him approved by a congressional committee is moving towards a vote of the full House of Representatives.”

Snyder said that, “Obama now leaves no doubt that he is part of the government stonewalling attempt.  Congress has a right to those documents.  The American people have a right to see what’s in them. 

“But the Stonewall Twins are trying to thwart the will of Congress and the American people.  And American voters will have an opportunity to thwart Obama as he seeks reelection this fall.”


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