Obama Hit with Coal from Santa on Guns, Right-to-Life, Economy

BETHESDA, MD – President Barack Obama gets a sack of coal at the White House from Santa Claus on a Christmas greeting card sent out this year by gun rights expert John M. Snyder.

“Obama deserves heaps of Yuletide coal,” said Snyder.  “He’s out of touch with the people.  His presidency is a disaster.”

The card is an original design.  On it, Santa’s carrying a list of some of the Obama administration’s goofs.

The list includes references to the federal “Fast and Furious” gun scandal, the administration’s economic blunders, Obama’s anti-right-to-life positions, the president’s 2009 bow to the king of Saudi Arabia, and the president’s opposition to traditional marriage policies.

Snyder sent copies of the card to the president and vice-president as well as to selected members of the House and Senate and others.

“The national elections come in less than 11 months,” noted Snyder.  “The American voters will have the opportunity to pour coal dust on Obama in November 2012.”


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