Obama Ultimately Responsible for Federal Gun Scandal

BETHESDA, MD – “President Barack Obama is the official ultimately responsible for the Fast and Furious gun scandal,” gun rights expert John M. Snyder said here today.

“Although Attorney General Eric Holder is taking heat for the Justice Department program, Obama has said he has complete confidence in Holder,” Snyder noted.  “As chief executive officer of the federal government, the real responsibility for government agents’ actions rests with Obama.  By indicating this complete confidence in the government’s top law enforcement agent, he acknowledges this.

“The Obama administration has led the country into a real mess.  Hopefully, it and its congressional supporters will be removed from office in just 13 months, in the November 2012 elections.”


One response to “Obama Ultimately Responsible for Federal Gun Scandal

  1. Ultimately, obama, holder and everyone else involved in “fast and furious” solyndra etc should be jailed. A VERY STRONG MESSAGE NEEDS TO BE SENT to all other politicians thinking they can get away with all this ILLEGAL activity. Murders have been committed of federal agents as well as civilians in another country and this administration is DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE.

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