Gun Culture Ascendant in America

By John M. Snyder

The gun culture is in the ascendancy in the United States.

This has tremendous political implications.  Even though gun prohibitionists have spent tens of millions of dollars trying to undermine the viability of firearms possession in the United States, the opposite is happening.  Americans are telling gun grabbers and their organizations to get lost.

In a recent Rasmussen survey, respondents were asked if they thought a political candidate’s professed pro-gun position would be a positive or negative description.  Of the 1,000 asked, 39 percent said positive, 27 percent negative, and 30 percent somewhere in between.

This information comes on the heels of revelations that while firearms sales have increased about 30 percent a year, rates of violent crime have been decreasing during the last several years.

Another important factor is the increasing popularity of permits to carry concealed firearms.  Forty-nine states now have some form of permits for law-abiding, qualified citizens to carry concealed firearms.

This all should come as no surprise.  People know that criminals hesitate to run up against armed citizens.  One paramedic in southern California, John Longenecker, even suggests that gun ownership by law-abiding citizens can effect a reduction in violent crime similar to the way qualified citizen CPR use has brought about a decrease in the rates of fatalities from injuries.

In any event, law-abiding firearm owners know that guns in the hands of qualified law-abiding citizens save lives.  Such gun ownership is a positive social benefit.


One response to “Gun Culture Ascendant in America

  1. Everyone is concerned about homeland security , the second amendment is the ORIGINAL homeland security legislation . Gun grabbers don’t really want our guns , they merely want to control us , which is unfortunate because they are the ones that need controlled , proof ? look at the wallstreet freaks , no , I don’t mean the ones that work there . I hesitate to call them protestors because they don’t know what they are protesting.

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