Obama Administration All Screwed Up

By John M. Snyder

The Obama administration is all screwed up.

It’s really amazing.  It seems that no matter where we look, we see evidence of stupidity, incompetence, and duplicity.

It’s important to keep this in mind as President Obama delivers his latest proposals to Congress and launches his campaign.

The government gun scandal and the economic disaster are just two examples of the Obama administration’s failure in its attempt to govern the United States.

While congressional investigators are working to get to the bottom of the Justice Department’s firearms scandal, we still don’t know where it will end up. Reports have indicated that the Project Gunrunner Operation Fast and Furious of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives involved government agents who allowed and even promoted the illegal transfer of thousands of firearms across the border to Mexico.  These guns apparently then were used in felonies in Mexico and the United States, including in murder, even including the murder of American law enforcement agents.

The Obama administration is trying to cover itself by transferring, promoting, demoting and accepting the resignations of ATF and Justice Department personnel, but it’s not going to stop the congressional investigations from going forward.  It truly is an outrage under any administration for federal law enforcement to be involved in such flagrantly condemnable activity.

The country is suffering greatly under the Obama administration’s approach to our economic difficulties.  The Obama administration’s hamstringing the activities of business with more and more regulations is just one case in point.  This approach so saddles business with onerous burdens that business is discouraged from expanding its activities, hiring people to perform these activities, and thus reducing the rate of unemployment.  This Obama administration approach to the economy is antithetical to the interests of the people and in effect is a direct attack on the poor.  It is not an attack on poverty but on the poor because it ultimately prevents the creation of the jobs the existence of which would allow the poor to climb out of poverty.

The Obama administration has got to go.  Americans in November of next year will have a chance to cast the Obamaites and their congressional supporters out of office.



2 responses to “Obama Administration All Screwed Up

  1. A gunwalker scandal now in Indiana . Gibson guitar out of trouble if their work done OVERSEAS , more money going to acorn under new names , special deal for illegal immigrant brother Roy . screwed up ? Thanks to the press the american people don’t know half of it . This is , without a doubt , the worse president and administration in the history of the united states . HE is the reason for the 2nd amendment .

  2. He is far from the worst president – that dishonor falls to Bush and his recession we still can’t crawl out of, and his multiple world scandals.

    It would be really nice if sites like this could just work for our gun rights and leave politics out of it!

    You will get the support of far more people from both “sides” if you leave out the political crap!

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